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Haunted I See You

Haunted I See You

Your Price: $16.00
Release Date is June 30 Please see important info in description below
Part Number:DLL06

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THIS IS FOR A PRE ORDER ONLY. Please do not add ANY retail in your order as it will result in your order being cancelled. Prints are set to ship on June 30th. With that being said they sometimes can ship out a bit earlier or later. I have ordered the entire line from my wholesaler and even though it is scheduled for June 30th it may take longer for me to receive it due to the popularity of this print. Some shops may receive theirs before others, doesn't mean it is not coming in just means that we have to be patient and wait as orders are filled from the wholesaler from whoever ordered first. This is a pre order price and will go up without notice. There is free shipping within Canada on all orders over $150.00

I will be keeping all monies received from this pre order in my PayPal account in the event that I do not receive everything or if I don't receive the prints you ordered.  Please like my Facebook group at Fabric For Less Canada for all updates.

100% Quilting Cotton
44" WOF

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